Love Legacy helps you live your legacy, leave your legacy and LOVE your LEGACY.

We want to help you learn to live every day with legacy in mind. We strive to help you leave a legacy for future generations. We want you to love the people you are surround by and the legacy that you leave them.

Love Legacy is about living your legacy every single day. 

Every day is an opportunity to live your legacy with those who are most important to you. Being able to express your life through your life experiences by finding your own unique style of communicating your story.

Love Legacy is leaving your legacy for future generations.

We help you to record not just important information for the what ifs of life, but the stories and experiences that mean the most to you. We help you preserve your stories for generations who may never personally know you.

Love Legacy is about loving your leagcy and the people in your life.

Loving the people in your life is the most important thing. We want to help you learn to love while leaving a legacy. 

Beth’s Story behind the creation of Love Legacy

I’m 21 years old, expecting our first child. My mom, who is my best friend, is dying of cancer at the age of 49. We don’t know if mom is going to make it to see our child born but mom was holding onto life just to see our first child and hold her in her arms.

On October 25th our daughter, Jill Alison, is born. Living in a small town, we have the fortune of having our own small hospital and everyone aware that mom was in her last days. So as they wheeled me from the delivery room they let me stop at the desk to call my mom and let her know her first granddaughter was born and named after her! One month and one day later my mom died, but she was able to hold her granddaughter and bless her.

Twenty-six years later, I’m 47, my 48 year old husband drops over dead in front of me. My life is changed forever. At 21 and 47 you are not thinking about what matters most to you.

You are so full of life and living you think you have time to plan, time to share precious memories and preserve those stories. But suddenly my loved ones are gone….. No time to ask them anymore questions.

“My heart wants to give you what I was never able to have…..time to plan for the what if’s of life.” Beth 

10509709_10152583894452783_5137171977289129659_nLife happens, death is inevitable, tell your stories now, write your love letters to those who matter most while you can. Get your personal affairs in order for your loved ones. We never know when we will take our last breath.

 What people are saying about Love Legacy….

Love Legacy has given us great confidence to know that our children can get our affairs in order when the time comes.

Jim & Dorothy Morgan

The workbook is user-friendly, well written, comprehensive, helpful and thorough collection of the various areas of one’s life for all who want to have “their affairs in order.” I appreciate all of the research that has been done for me, the sample forms, addresses to contacts, and attention to details.

Ruth L. McPheron

I was blown away by Love Legacy!  WOW!  What a fantastic and much needed product.  The world needs to know about this.

Rhonda Peterson

Chief Strategist

Love Legacy is important for the now as well as the future.

Denise Darbyshire

I recommend Beth’s Love Legacy to women I speak with in the Women’s Ministry I oversee.  It is such a thorough and well thought out and planned program.  It is an excellent plan for all ages, individuals and families.

Sandra Rufener

Director of Women's Ministries, Shawnee Alliance Church

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