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Far-away Gumma

Sara newman

I was so excited to be a grandma. I imagined going on walks, baking cookies and doing crafts. I never dreamed that my grandchildren would live eight states away. I have learned so much from Beth that has allowed me to be a far-away gumma and stay engaged and connected with my granddaughter.

Memory Maker

Jamie protsman

Someone will influence, make memories and impressions on my grandchildren. I want to be that someone. Not just so that they will have fond memories of me but also so I can lead them to HIM! I must purposefully plan and make time and activities that do that.

Sandy rufener

I recommend Beth’s Preparing with Purpose to women that I work with in Women’s Ministry. It is such a thorough, well thought-out and well planned program. It is an excellent plan for all ages, individuals and families.

jim & dorothy morgan

Preparing with Purpose has given us great confidence to know that our children can get our affairs easy together when the time comes.