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How We Begin To End

Think back on a time you waited for something to happen and remember how excited you were when the waiting time turned into a reality…..real time!  Today, this is where I am. After spending hours, preparing and planning, designing and developing, our new and improved version of Preparing With Purpose is ready. The time is here for us to unveil the first module…this is it!!!!  Yes, I am so excited for you to get excited about what we have prepared just for you!!! With you in mind, I have created a digital system to put your personal life in order with all the pertinent pieces of your life. This is an in-depth plan that brings together all the important information of your life and organizes it in a digital, secure place, in one location. There are a total of six individual models but we have done our best to help you prioritize the most important first.

Isn’t it always better to listen to someone who has experienced something similar to what you are going through rather than listening to someone who has only read about or learned from someone else’s experience? You have the opportunity to take this Preparing With Purpose journey with someone who has lived life and experienced what it was like not having all the pieces in place when “life happened”. As I organized the six different modules it was important for me to rank each module in the priority I felt needed to be handled first.

As I introduce Module One to you, please know this module should be a high priority for you to begin with. In Module One we cover three chapters. Chapter One is all your personal information. Chapter Two is about all your dependent’s information and Chapter Three is about your family pets. When you think about your life, without you in it, you have to think how will someone be able to find out all the information they need that you deal with everyday. We take care of so many personal affairs without giving it a thought  “what if life happened” and we would not be able to continue taking care of all those details? What if you would be in a major accident and became unconscious for a period of time?

Here is a true story that happened to me. One day I received a telephone call from my assistant’s husband. He informed me that they had been in a very critical car accident and Joyce was going to be off work for several months. Joyce had handled running my office for over sixteen years and I was suddenly left picking up those pieces and trying to find where everything was kept. Fortunately for me, she left things in very good order so it was easy to pick up most of the pieces, but that is not always the case. Do you have all your passwords in one place to be able to access accounts? Do you know where the important documents are filed for medical purposes, like your Power of Attorney or Living Will? Joyce was not able to communicate for some time so I was living the importance of Preparing With Purpose!

Consider if you lived alone and had pets, who would know the care needs of your pet? Would someone know the important information in case your pet had a medical emergency, like who your vet is….is there a special diet and medication needed for your pet? What about your dependents, especially if you are a single parent or caring for another individual? What are their needs and how would someone be able to continue the quality of care you have provided?

All of these are things we hope will never happen but I bet each one of us can reflect back to someone we know, or from our own experience, that we have watched “life happen” and then had to pick up the pieces, working under stress and strain, to be able to keep the flow of life happening.

The incapacity or loss of a loved one affects many areas and leaves the friend or relative in charge with numerous decisions to make. By planning and preparing ahead of time for the “what if’s” of life you are giving one of the biggest gifts of love you could possibly give. In Module One I believe having all your own personal information, including your dependents and pet information is essential.

It is my goal to bring peace of mine, preserve family unity, and help you avoid conflict by giving clear direction concerning  own wishes for when “life happens”. This information will enable your loved ones to make informed decisions during a very stressful and eventful time in their lives. I know and recognize the difficulty of making decisions and answering questions when you are under stress and in shock. So why not begin today? If not today, when? If you don’t take the time to do it who will? The choice is yours! Let me cheer you on to victory for Preparing With Purpose!

Now it is up to you to decide you need to make this happen. No more excuses, I have taken those excuses away by helping you through each step going through each module of Preparing With Purpose. We get stuck when we don’t know where we are going and the steps to take to get us where we need to go. The system is in place….now all you have to do is to decide to take the first step of action….BEGIN TODAY! WE all think we have tomorrow but what if tomorrow never comes? We assume we have an unlimited amount of time to do everything we need to do until “life happens”. Live with no regrets….give the gift of love that will enable your loved ones to thank you for thinking of them and allowing them the ability to process life more easily because of your detailed and careful planning ahead of time.



PS – There are other modules that we will be releasing every other week. Here is what we have in the works.

Module 2 – End of Life Planning (funeral details and insurance information)

Module 3 – Medical and Financial Information and Sensitive Topics of Aging

Module 4 – Property, Passwords and Membership Groups/Hobbies/Interests

Module 5 – Genealogy/History and Personal Stories, Thoughts and Values

Module 6 – Business Owners Information

Module 1 – 5 are $27 each. Module 6 is $57. We will be offering the complete system for $117 or you can purchase a password protected flash drive with the complete system for $147.

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