I have lived legacy my entire adult life. I just did not realize it at the time. My adult life has been shaped by the loss of my mother and then my husband, both at pivotal times in my life.

My mother, also my best friend, was dying of cancer when my first child, her first granddaughter, was born. My mother was able to visit with her grandchild for a month before her death. Hours before she passed, she called together her loved ones to have a “Give-a-way Day.” This day impacted me and I desire to tell my stories and tell those around me how importnt they are.

Then, my husband died suddenly from a heart attack at only 48 years old. One minute we were doing fall chores together and the next he was gone. Two of our daughters were married and out of the house but our son was still at home. In that moment, everything changed. My husband and I had never discussed what to do “in the event”. We were both still young enough to deal with those plans later. Later never came.

Out of these experiences came my books Love Legacy Ledger and Love Legacy Letter.

My heart wants to give you what I was never able to have … time to plan for the what ifs of life and time to leave your legacy for future generations.

I am an experienced speaker and presenter and would love to talk to your group about Love Legacy.

BB Investments, and Beyond Budgeting, LLC are financial education enterprises I started. I enjoy counseling individuals and couples in establishing financial management plans, empowering them to make wise financial decisions.

I try hard to live what I teach.  For my three children, nine grandchildren and husband Ralph, I am always seeking ways to provide a legacy, from lunches with my five-year old granddaughter to creating memory boxes. I enjoy baking, gardening, reading, and spending time near the water with my family.

The Love Legacy Yet to Come…..

2017 is an exciting year for Love Leagacy. We launched Love Legacy Letter in April. We will be launching online courses in September. We have plans for new and exciting things to assist you as you connect your heart to your story for future generations. 

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